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Home Accesories

Home accessories are the cherry on the sundae when it comes to home decorating. They fill in the small details that make your home welcoming,…

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Home Furniture

Without home furniture, a house is merely a building. Home furniture is the mainstay of every comfortable room, decorative element, and relaxing…

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It does not matter how carefully you lay out a room or plan its colors and textures, if you do not include drapes in your design, the room will look…

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A room is not decorated until the window coverings are done. We make beautiful window treatments.


Welcome to A Bella Casa


Nothing is more important than the time we spend at home. Whether we use it as a peaceful getaway from a hectic like or a sanctuary for family and friends, the style of our home determines the happiness of our life. A Bella Casa is “a home boutique” located in the arts district of Miami, FL that carries home furnishings, windows treatments, and home accessories that will take your space from boring to amazing.

When you are looking for home furniture, you are looking for much more than boxes that hold you up while you eat, sleep, work, and relax. You need something that fits your style, accommodates your look, and makes your space something special. Our 4,000-5,000 sq. feet of retail space is sure to hold furnishings that are comfortable for your life and beautiful for your style.

Home accessories are no long bric-a-brac, many of them are functional pieces made of such artistic quality that they serve as pieces of art. Our buyers count on always getting affordable home accessories that will make the home warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

Drapes do a lot more than lend privacy and block light, or let it pass. They add color, texture, and style to the rooms that they grace. Do not settle for department store drapes when our drape department carries every size, color, and style of window treatment you could possibly want.

Do not spend a lot of time and money trying to find just the right home accessory, drapes, and furniture pieces to decorate your home. Reach out to A Bella Casa in Miami, FL and let us help you get it just right.

A Bella Casa

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